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 BBQ Prime Rib



We used a 28 pound seven bone prime rib



Using a BBQ with propane fuel my prime rib took 3½  hours on high heat, If you want your prime rib medium well cook it another ½ hour.

Before cooking let the meat rest on the kitchen counter for a half an hour rub with sea salt and ground pepper.

Take your ovens broiler drip pan place two layers of foil wider than the size of the slab, curb all edges upward so the fat wont drain out and ketch on fire, prick holes so fat will drain on the pan below. Place the seasoned prime rib bone side down on foil.

Have a large can on hand to drain the fat from the meat into later on.

Cook on high with lid closed for one hour, check to see the fat is not catching on fire and that your settings are correct cover and cook for ½ hour on medium heat then turn heat up to high again for 1 ½ hour.

When the meat reaches 135 degrees on meat thermometer it is done.

When you don’t have a thermometer near by, then check the fat on top of the meat if it stopped melting and not dripping on the foil the meat is done remove from BBQ.

Let the prime rib rest on the counter for 20 minutes before carving.

Remember cooked prime rib is full of juices so I will place the slab on some kind of pan and trim the fat, cut the first slice, not all way through and let the juice drain out then place the slab on your cutting board to finish cutting.

Now if you like to be creative, place the juices in a bowl add horseradish, mix while juice is hot and drizzle over the meat on the serving plait



 Enjoy and for now and in the future eat well                                

kalh oreksh

Kallh Wreksh


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