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 Fish Soup




     1 Rock cod that will fit your pot

6 cups of water

2  onions cut in ½

2 potatoes

2 sticks of celery

2 to 3 carrots

1 to 2 zucchinis    

Olive oil

Salt, Pepper, Oregano


Cooking the fish


In a elongated preferably Dutch oven place the veggies and boil for 20 minutes Wrap the fish in a cheese cloth and place on top of the vegetables cook for 15 minutes on a covered pot turn over ones and cook for another 5 minutes.

Remove and let cool, de bone and place in the center of a serving dish place the vegetables around, drizzle olive oil and lemon, salt and pepper to taste.




The soup

Pour the liquid on a sauce pan and one table spoon of rice per person, boil and lower heat till cooked.

To flavor the soup add salt the juice of 2 lemons and pepper at time of serving.




 Enjoy and for now and in the future eat well                                

Kallh Wreksh



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