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 Sour Dough Bread




1 about 1/2 a cup of starter or any amount will do.

2 tsp salt

1 cup water

3 cups flour




  In a large mixing bowl add the starter; salt and water slowly add flour. Use a spatula till all ingredients are moist. Cover with plastic wrap let double in size in a warm place.

Next place dough on a floured surface, fold dough over on to it’s self on all four sides. When done next place dough in an oiled baking pan (Dough should fill half the pan.)

Cover with plastic wrap, let rise again, Bake in a cold not pre-heated oven for 55 min at 450 degrees.

(You have to adjust your temp on your particular oven to accommodate the 55 min; all ovens are not created equal.)

After you remove bread from oven wet the top so the crust doesn’t harden.



  How to start your own starter: in a glass jar ½ cup flour and ½ cup warm water. Mix until it is like pancake batter consistency. Let it sit on your counter till it starts to fizzle if you don’t get bubbles in 2 to 3 hours start over. Cover and store in the refrigerator, it must be used in 10 days or fed it with some more flour and water let it bubble again and refrigerate



For now and in the future eat well

Kallh Wreksh



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